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My name is Sophia Lawrence (she/her). I am a queer visual artist, writer, and youth-educator from Nalikitquniejk/Antigonish, Nova Scotia. 

Some of you may remember my work from my small business Marigold Studio. In my early teens I began making and selling greeting cards at local markets and street fairs under the name "Sophie's card Studio". After a few years the name changed to Marigold Studio. In high school I began designing more products with my art on them. I expanded into clothing, tote bags, pin-back buttons and more, and I was regularly selling my wares at Farmers Markets and Craft Shows. Over the years, Marigold Studio continued to evolve as I developed new products and designs.

When I completed my BFA at Mount Allison University, I decided I wanted to transition to making and selling work as myself, Sophia. 

So welcome!

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